SBI Reward Points – Redeem State Bank Rewardz (100% Working)

SBI Reward Points Redeem Now Online

State Bank of India provides SBI reward points upon transacting through various sources. SBI Reward Points can be redeemed through multiple options upon using a debit card, internet banking, mobile banking, personal banking, rural banking, loans, SME accounts, Demat accounts as well as through YONO.

This can be accomplished by broadly using services like shopping, gifting as E-gift card, booking tickets, for entertainment like booking movie tickets, recharging etc. which will be briefly detailed throughout this article.

SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now | Table of Content
SBI Reward Points Redeem Now | Table of Contents




Value of SBI Reward Points | Worth of 1 Reward Point

The rate of earning a reward point or SBI Reward points value varies from card to card which on average is if a user spends or transacts for INR 200 the user will earn one reward point. 1 reward point equals to INR 0.25 thus 1000 reward points will account for INR 250. In some cases, if there are frequent transactions the SBI may add additional reward points on a quarterly or half-yearly basis.


SBI Reward Points Value with Examples

1 SBI Reward Point Rs 0.25


1000 SBI Reward Points Rs 250


2000 SBI Reward Points Rs 500


5000 SBI Reward Points Rs 1250





Know how’s | SBI Reward Points Redeem

(100% Working Tricks)


The account holder can either download the application “SBI Rewardz” from the app store or can log in to


Upon doing either of the following steps has to be followed:

Step 1: Create an account

  • To register click on the My account icon.
  • “Enter your Debit card number” or “Enter SBI customer number” (Customer number is the CIF number provided in the passbook)
  • “Enter the last four digits of your account number” (Initial four digits would be visible in the option for validation)
  • The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number, which has to be filled in.
  • A new page demanding details like Name, Email, Mobile number (Which will be already registered with the existing account), Date of birth, Pin code; will appear and has to be filled.
  • Create a valid user ID and password, add an answer to a security question and click “Activate”, to activate the account.

Step 2: My account window will pop-up in which a user can find out the details of the account like the number of points earned so far, the value to money for these points.

Step 3: In transaction history tab the user can find all the transactions that were previously done and the number of points earned for each transaction.

Step 4: Expiry schedule of each of the earned points is mentioned as well wherein a user can find as and when then earned points will be expired and will redeem before the expiry.


For SBI users the reward points are valid for 36 months since the date of transaction. The validity of additional points earned at the partner stores is 1 year.


NOTE – SBI charges INR 99 + Taxes for the redemption of reward points (Once in 24 hours, irrespective the number of purchases)

A user can check reward point summary also by either giving a missed call at 8422845514 from the number that is registered with the bank account as well as text messaging – REWARDS XXXX (XXXX – last four digits of your card number) to 5676791 from the number that is registered with the bank account.

Contact Number to check SBI Reward Points 8422845514


Text Message to get SBI Reward Points Status 5676791


Credit card statement, if the user is a credit card holder always has in a summary the number of points earned by the account holder.


SBI Debit and Credit Card Reward Points


A user can redeem the earned points through the “Shop-and-smile” reward programme in many ways by going through the catalogue which is given on the website as well as the application.


SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now using SBI Debit or Credit Card
SBI Reward Points Redeem Online using SBI Debit or Credit Card



The categories include:

Category 1: Shopping (Lifestyle, Luxury, Kitchenware, Apparel, Electronics, Books & E-books, Jewellery)

Shopping partners include Big Bazaar, Brand Factory, Lifestyle, FBB, Levis, Vero Moda, Only, Lee, Satya Paul, Arrow, Elle, Prestige, Tupperware, Titan, Westside, Crabtree, Jimmy Choo, Parker, Hidesign, Victorianax, Apple, Philips, India Craft, Lakme, Benetton, Wildcraft, Shoppers Stop, Chroma etc.

Category 2: Entertainment (Movies and Dining)

Book my Show, Dominos, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Mainland China etc.

Category 3: Health and Fitness

JnJ, Nike

Category 4: Travel and Holiday

American Tourister, Yatra, Make my trip, Jet Airways Airmiles*, VIP

Category 5: E-Vouchers

Amazon, Westside, Shoppers Stop, Flipkart, Big Basket, FastTrack, Jabong, Chumbak, Nautica etc.

Category 6: Recharge

The user can either facilitate the recharge of any telecom operator or DTH both using reward points.

*Some SBI cards come with travel benefits wherein the account holder can convert the reward points so earned into air-miles and use them while booking of flight tickets:

  • Air India Platinum and Signature Cards
  • SBI ELITE Advantage
  • SBI PRIME Advantage



Redeem SBI reward Points with Examples

“SBI Reward Points Redeem” is the common search queries people are searching on Google. Therefore, we have tried to explain to our readers how they can get the benefits with some day to day examples.



Mobile Recharge | Using SBI Reward Points Online


SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now using Mobile Recharge
SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now using Mobile Recharge



Step 1: Log in to the website using User ID and password

Step 2: On the upper right-hand side there will be blue icon just right above “My account”, click on that blue icon to find out the details of the account like the number of points available.

Step 3: On the screen among various heads there will be “Recharge option”, click on the Mobile option among two options in the drop down.

Step 4: Fill the mandatory fields

  • Mobile Number
  • Operator
  • Region
  • Amount (Various top-up plans and pack details will be mentioned in a well-detailed table on the right-hand side of the screen)

Step 5: Click on Proceed.

Step 6: Fill in the member details

  • Tittle
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Step 7: Click on Proceed

Step 8: A confirmation page will pop-up, click on “Confirm”

Step 9: Enter the number of reward points you want to redeem, say for example you want to redeem 250 SBI reward points for a ten-rupee recharge, enter the details and confirm.

If the reward points are lesser than the amount of recharge that has to be done the existing points could be redeemed along with payment of the rest amount through the debit card.

Step 10: Final confirmation with receipt will be right in front of you.

This can be very easily done using the same set of the procedure through a mobile application wherein the account holder has to

  • Log in to the account
  • Click on the category option
  • Click on recharge and then mobile recharge followed by the same set of steps as mentioned above.





Redeem SBI Reward Points using YONO App


YONO app can be downloaded from the App Store. Upon downloading:

SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now using YONO App
SBI Reward Points – Redeem Now using YONO App




Step 1: Login using the SBI credentials

  • Enter the account details such as ATM Card number, PIN and submit.
  • Generate the mPIN
  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number
  • Enter the valid OTP and register successfully

Step 2: After logging in using mPIN, on the interface of the application you can find SBI Rewards. Click on My Rewards.

Step 3: Click on register to redeem now, click on “I Agree” which is visible on the pop-up.

Step 4: It will open the webpage, wherein you would be asked to log in again, enter the details to log in.

Step 5: On the left hand side of the interface, click on the category option.

Step 6: Select whatever category you want to among Gifts & Vouchers, Recharge, Flight, Movie etc., or you can go for direct purchase through the app among various listed products on the screen.




E-vouchers | Reward Points of SBI Redeem Online

Again, this can be done through multiple options like mobile application, YONO or website. Here we are going to take you through steps you could follow on SBI Card website:

Step 1: Login to the SBI card website

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the screen you can find “Rewards” with options

  • Reward Summary
  • Redeem Rewards
  • Redemption History

Step 3: Click on Redeem SBI Rewards

Step 4: Fill in the fields

  • Points to be used
  • City
  • Category – Gifts and Vouchers

Step 5: If there are any available vouchers under the limit of points that you want to redeem, the available options will be presented to you.

Step 6: Click on the voucher and click on “Redeem now”, the voucher will be delivered to the user on mobile through SMS as well as Email.

Step 7: Add to card

Step 8: Click on “My Shopping cart”

Step 9: Click on “Place Order”

Step 10: You will be presented with the acknowledgement. The E-Voucher can be redeemed on the Amazon website.

The voucher can be bought either for self or for gifting someone else also directly on SBI Rewardz website.

Step 1: The User can directly search for “Amazon gift card” in the search box, after logging in with valid details.

Step 2: Choose between

  • Send as a gift
  • Buy for self

Step 3: For instance, if the user chooses “Send as a gift”, details of the receiver have to enter in along with the amount.

Step 4: Click on “I Accept”

Step 5: Similar steps as mentioned above, of adding to the cart and payment by the points available.

Step 6: Buy and gift.


BookMyShow Example | Redeem Reward Points of SBI

Step 1: The user must have the application downloaded from the Play Store and linked to SBI Debit-Card/Credit Card

Step 2: Select Show, seats and click on the payment options

Step 3: Click on “More payment options”

Step 4: Click on the “Redeem points”

Step 5: Click on SBI Debit card, enter details and Check balance.

Step 6: Enter the Redeem option.

Step 7: An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Step 8: Make the payment if the redeemed points don’t fulfil the total amount if they do enter the OTP and you are done with the transaction. Enjoy your Movie!



Transfer SBI Reward Points to Bank Account | Redeem Cash Online

SBI website states that there is a user wishes to en-cash the points or wishes to transfer the value to the bank account, the user should contact them using SBI Card helpline 18601801290 from BSNL & MTNL numbers or 39020202 using local STD code for other service users. Email can also be sent by visiting

The users are also welcomed to write to them on the following branch:

PO Box No. 28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001.





Redeem SBI Points MobiKwik | Merchant Account Holders

There is an option of adding the value of these earned points directly to your bank account using the MobiKwik app, as mentioned below:

(The user needs to have a merchant account)

Step 1: Open the MobiKwik app, click on “My wallet”

Step 2: Click on “Redeem points”

Step 3: Click on “Max get more set-up”

Step 4: Click on the “Supported Cards” and select your bank

Step 5: Enter the details of your card

Step 6: The value of points available in money will be shown, click on “Redeem amount”

Step 7: An OTP will be sent to the user, will have to be validated in the field.

Step 8: The amount will be added to the wallet, once the amount is added go to “Scan QR Code”.

Step 9: Generate QR for the amount that was added in the wallet by a different merchant and click on “Pay”

Step 10: The Super cash hence redeemed can be transferred to the bank account by “Send to the bank” option upon adding all the valid details.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: What is the validity of State Bank Rewardz?

Solution: Suppose you spent Rs 1000 using your SBI Debit/Credit card and you earned 8 Reward Points by SBI. For reward points earned between 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019, the validity period is 18 months.


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Question 2: What are SBI Rewardz? Is this a fraud?

Solution: Loyalty Rewards Program is a scheme by SBI to reward new and existing SBI Customers with effect from 26th November 2009. It is the stimulus for the customers to transact online, earn reward points and redeem the points for cash.


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Question 3: Can I transfer SBI Payback Points to another account?

Solution: You can only transfer SBI Payback Points to your own account. If you have more than 1 account linked, then you can transfer to them. However, if you wish to make the transfer to your friends, family or relatives then that would not be possible.

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Question 4: Can I use SBI Payback points on Amazon?

Solution: You can get 6 points for every Rs 100 spent on Amazon. If you are already a Payback customer, then you can easily redeem your SBI reward points for the purchase made on Amazon Account.

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My Verdict | SBI Points Redeem Online


With multiple numbers of store and service partners, SBI provides n number of options to redeem the reward points. Most of the users remain unaware of their earnings as well as benefits. Transacting not only brings the user the first targeted service but also more. Hope this compilation helps you through. Happy transacting, happy rewarding!

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